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The eyebrows “frame” the face. By using your brow bone as a guide, we are able to create beautiful eyebrows that will define your face, lift your eyes, and take years off of your appearance. We utilize the “hair strokes” method to provide a more natural and softer looking brow. This procedure is ideal for clients who may have no hair in the brow or to fill-in where brows may be thin.


Eyeliner Upper or Lower or Eyeliner Upper and Lower

In this procedure, the pigment is placed in the lash line. The pigment can be subtle and natural looking or as dark and dramatic as you prefer.


Lip Liner or Full Lip Color

We can apply a range of colors, from natural-looking colors to coral, copper, or rust tones. This can be done in the form of an outline, or lip liner, or as a full lip color. This is an ideal way to straighten out an uneven lip line, create a new lip line that may have been damaged by a scar, or fix a line damaged by fine wrinkles caused by aging.


It is important to note you may add lipstick any time you want. You are not “stuck” with the color you select for permanent lip liner or full lip color. You may change the color with traditional lipstick to suit your mood or your wardrobe.


This is a particularly popular option because if you choose to let your face go naked for a while, you won’t look washed out.



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